Inspired by nature

Sustainability as a business model.
Not a goal to achieve, but a daily challenge founded in respect and dedication.

We have always had a symbiotic relationship with nature at San Polo. Our wines are the purest expression of his grandeur. Each bottle safeguards every passing day, season, and year. It preserves the effort and work of those who always know how to wait for the right moment. But more than anything, it protects the secrets of this unique territory and its pristine landscape.


We are committed to defending this heritage every day through respect and recognition, while protecting it at the same time. San Polo values both the attention to eco-sustainability’s strongest principles and the harmonious choices which combine heart and reason. Our respect for nature and all that it offers us is always central to every phase of production, from viticulture to the sealed bottle.


The cellar is truly emblematic of this virtuous philosophy. Here, each element speaks the ethical and responsible language of sustainable architecture; from the reception of the grapes to their fermentation in concrete tanks to ageing, each step is gradual and, most importantly, natural. In addition, thanks to natural thermal insulation due to the structure’s underground position, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature all year round, greatly limiting energy usage.

Responsible viticulture

Uncompromising quality. Our vineyards follow a totally organic approach.
They improve the tale of this land.

San Polo’s vineyards are managed utilising completely organic techniques and are fortified by the territory’s potential and the experience from many years of experimentation. This approach not only represents the choice of a protocol but it expresses our philosophy and our mission: to produce quality wines with strong identity and character, to protect the territory that surrounds us and to safeguard the real treasure: these hills are a legacy for all and must be carefully protected.


The ideal combination of exposition, soil, and climatic characteristics of each plot, united with years of experimentation and study, have allowed the agronomic staff to completely eliminate chemical treatments like fertilizers and pesticides, preferring the exclusive use of totally natural products. This approach, which also includes eliminating weeding, is based on using products of natural origin to encourage the vine’s immune system: aloe vera, algae, calendula, fungus, and plant compounds are just a few examples. This leads to a physiological improvement in the vine’s resistance to potential threats and the result is the uninterrupted production of intact, healthy, and concentrated berries.


Viticulture in San Polo aims to substantially change the outlook of viticulture altogether: ensuring the vine is the central focus of all agronomic practices and concentrating on the vine’s good health and capacity for self-defense instead of exclusively on means of combating diseases.

Best Practice

A conscious lifestyle. Each choice reflects our way of life through sustainability and respect for our planet.

The cellar’s management, from production to organization, also follows an organic approach which was integrated at the beginning of our adventure in Montalcino. The use of external electricity sources is minimal thanks to the structure of the cellar itself, designed specifically to work efficiently with minimum energy consumption. Every phase of the process is performed in an artisanal way and the waste of resources is minimised. The use of plastic is practically reduced to zero and since the beginning we have attempted to replace it whenever we can with recycled and organic materials. Our sustainable approach is also demonstrated by the choice of the materials used to package our wines, especially in terms of selecting cork and glass and using recycled paper for the labels. The corks that seal our Rubio bottles are synthetic, however they are made from sugar cane, a 100% biodegradable polymer, rather than plastic. Sugar cane plantations compensate for the CO2 emitted to produce the corks, which establishes a sort of circular economy with zero carbon production offset. These corks also allow the optimal level of permeability and oxygen exchange for the bottled wine. The glass used for the bottles is recycled and lightweight. Contrary to some beliefs, thinner glass does not affect the ageing of wines at all. In fact, with glass there is no exchange with the external environment since it is an inert and hermetic material. Care for the environment is the whole team’s priority and everyone is sensitive to environmental issues. While working and during breaks, each member of our team pays attention not to litter or create waste, to use machinery as little as possible, and to recycle.


Sustainable program 2022-2023

Sustainability Report 2021


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CasaClima Wine

The first winery in Tuscany to be certified.
CasaClima Wine demonstrates our unyielding philosophy of respect for the environment.

Embarking on a path of sustainability requires precise awareness. Even if the cellar’s features are immediately recognizable, this certification recognises the company’s ideals and renders them objective, quantifiable, and easily communicable. CasaClima is widely recognised as a point of reference for energy efficient and sustainable construction and has become one of the leading names in energy in Europe. There are constant and very scrupulous inspections, aimed at guaranteeing the cellar is in line with the most rigorous sustainability criteria in terms of the structure’s construction, energy saving capability and management of energy sources, the optimization of consumption and which materials are used. Moreover, the recognition is not limited to certifying a momentary state of compliance, but continues with inspections to monitor our effort to improve practices year after year. CasaClima is proof of eco-sustainability and also continues to offer motivation to stay on that same path.



The wine cellar of the future

There are wine cellars constructed to tell stories of the men and women who have been carrying out their work with determination and resilience for years. Wine cellars that speak to us about exceptional vintages and others that were less productive. Then there is San Polo’s wine cellar which is all of this and much more. A wine cellar created with the desire to keep the passion that has been handed down for generations, with an eye always looking towards the future. Inspired entirely by the principles of eco-sustainability and sustainable architecture, it completely blends in with the surrounding landscape.


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